We are relatively new to the world of mechanical keyboards, but since we got into it we have been captivated by it. We wanted to try new things so we have decided to create a piece what we do best : stands

We present you the Toptiginn Premium Keyboard Display stand : Tourmaline
Our first mechanical keyboard stand, completly designed and produced by us
Basic part
Laser cut
processed on a milling machine
Bent on a bending machine and sandblasted
Painted or anodized (optional )
Bottom holder

Fully milled
Painted or anodized
CNC machined
Lightly hand polished to maintain texture after machining
Covered by varnish

Painting option
1. Anodizing to black
2. Powder painting
Sand white
sand shiny grey

You will be able to arrange the colors of the parts as you wish , or you can choose everything in one color
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