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Toptiginn is a product of our family's passion, to which we have been moving
towards for a long time.
We have always been drawn to art, design and to everything beautiful.
We were inspired by people stubbornly walking towards their dreams.
The idea of custom products from natural materials with a characteristiс aggressive
design came to us after
we ourselves wanted to choose and give a quality and to some extent a unique gift.

During the absolute uniformity and template production, we completely forgot about
individuality, and this is the only thing that distinguishes us from each other ...

We eat the food that we like, listen to the music that we like. Each of us has our own
unique appearance and even a walk.
Even habits we all have our own, unique. All this begs the question:

What can really bring us joy, satisfaction and a sense of self-worth? The answer turned
out to be amazingly simple ... Our environment ...
And it became our main idea -
to bring into people's environment something that will cause them these feelings ...

Phone and tablet holders fell into our view, since no one tried to customize this product,
fit it into the interior, decorate their workplace or place of rest with it,
combining natural materials and new technologies.

We develop and design our products ourselves. We use equipment to process our metal
billets and the rest of the work related to leather processing,
polishing logos and final assembly of the product is done manually.

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